We at PHINEKEM, manufacture Sodium Hypochlorite Solution (upto 15% Available Chlorine)as well as high purity chemicals conforming to various reagent standards (Extra Pure / LR and AR / GR) and also International ACS Reagent standards.

Sodium Hypochlorite Ammonia Alum Iron(II) Sulfate

We offer high purity chemicals esp Metal Sulfates in variety of grades. They are mainly used in Laboratory reagent industry, Photographic chemicals sector, Pharmaceuticals etc.

Sodium Hypochlorite Solution is versatile Chemical widely used in variety of industries. The major uses are Disinfection of water, Process chemical in Pharmaceutical, Pesticides, speciality chemicals industries. It is also widely used in Power plants, cyanide removal, hospital disinfectant and effluent treatment.

Care for the environment and welfare of the people is always at the top of our priority list. Concern for nature has always functioned hand in hand with all our other activities. We strongly believe that a green earth is a grand earth.

MEMBER: CHEMEXCIL A Premier Chemicals Export Promotion Council